Minted Design Challenge

Quick illustrated cards featuring hand-drawn typography entered in the Minted Good Tidings Non-Photo Holiday Card Challenge. It’s unlikely that I’ll win, but it was very satisfying to work on these.





Yesterday’s Sketch Dailies’ topic was #Valkyrie.


Quick Shetland pony for Sketch Dailies’ topic #MYCOOLLITTLESHETLANDPONY. Trying to sketch quickly and post rather than futz about forever. And yes, the background is from the mammoth doodle I did a couple of weeks ago.



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I truly enjoyed participating in Light Grey Art Lab’s Holiday Gift Exchange. I was paired with the talented Amarilys Henderson of Rochester, MN. Check out her blog to see more of her beautiful work . She sent a lovely package that included a card and an original watercolor! I sent her a print and a card. I loved having the opportunity to connect with someone new. So much fun. Happy New Year.





Old dogs! Part Deux

I’d forgotten about these guys.

Old dogs

While going through old files, I found this guy

I finally had time to update my website! You can check it out here. I also have a new line of cards which you can see in my new shop. If you are in the Boston area, you can pick up my cards at Black Ink! Life is good.

Work In Progress: Dachshund Greeting Card

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